Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Final Result in Our Team Canada Pool

Well, if you care to remember, we had ourselves a 'Pick Your Team Canada' pool and since the Canadians faced-off against the Norwegians at Canada Hockey Place, that was when I deemed the pool to be a final result. Since Ryan Getzlaf was good enough to go on his sore ankle, we can officially say that no players were changed from the original 23-man roster that was announced just before the New Year, so how we left the standings is how we finished up.

Well, a big congratulations to the two Greenley boys, who are not twins, but sure thought like it in their picks, as they both finished with 20 out of 23 players correct, a great 87%. Both Stuart and Leon were wrong on two of the same players, Jay Bouwmeester and Ryan Smyth, but they were different in their other wrong forward picks, as Stuart took Brad Richards and Leon went with Patrick Sharp. Otherwise, it was a perfect bit of choosing from the both of them.

There were a huge number of teams that finished with 19 out of 23, which is a pretty good effort amongst everyone in the pool, but just needed one more pick to make it happen for them.

So, since there was no money, there's only pats on the back for the two Greenley boys... well done!

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