Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Very Small Selection Sheet for the Olympics

This pool somewhat flew under the radar, because there was no advertising for it at all, which was in large part my own fault. I had completed the layout for the pool ages ago, but didn't really put it out there until the last minute. There is no money in it and I suppose I could take an entry or two before its all said and done, but with three games already completed on the schedule, it does seem a little silly. Since its for fun, I will accept entries until the end of Wednesday, the 17th. Go here to participate...

Saying that, so far, the most popular player in the pool is Alex Ovechkin, who rightfully deserves to be on top of the selection numbers. I won't tell you how many teams have him yet, but it's a pretty solid number.

The main rule of this pool is that you can only have one player per country on your team. There are only eight boxes to choose from and eight countries to select from, so its really easy. Only one player from each country... go on, get some picks in, if you like.

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