Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emery Shutdown Early

The season for Ray Emery isn't getting any easier, as his hip stiffness is turning out to be more troublesome than first expected. Emery, who has already missed a significant amount of time already due to hip problems, will now be shut down for the next few weeks. If there's a plus to this, we're just about to the Olympic Break, where Emery can really rest his ailing hip and try to be back for a good run to the playoffs in March.

The Flyers currently hold down a playoff spot going into Thursday's action, thanks in large part to Emery's early-season contributions. Emery's 16-11-3 record with 3 shutouts is looking pretty good at the moment, but since he's only played in 29 games, his value has decreased somewhat.

Going into Thursday's action, he's unofficially ranked 109th in pool scoring this year, with his 39 points this year. When he joined the Flyers over the summer, there was high expectations on Emery to hit some higher numbers, so this has been a disappointing year.

ImplicationsIt isn't like John P. has had much out of Emery this season, but he'll definitely be without him for the last couple games before the break. He currently has 11 points up on last place in the standings of the Draft, but Trevor, who sits in last place, has his fair share of roster issues as well. The injury might make it a little more interesting, but I wouldn't be expecting John to close the gap on 15th place any time soon.

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