Saturday, December 03, 2011

Reimer Expected Back on Saturday

It was announced that the Maple Leafs will see the return of their number one goalie, James Reimer, who has been out since since the end of October with whiplash and concussion-like symptoms. The Leafs have been running with Jonas Gustavsson since the injury, sprinkling in some Ben Scrivens here and there, but Scrivens was sent back down to the Marlies today, making way for Reimer's return.

This is great news for Jani K. in the draft, who hasn't had much from his goalies over the last few weeks.  When Reimer left the line-up, Jani was down in 19th spot in the standings, but thankfully for him, the rest of his team stepped up and picked up a lot of points, which has lifted him to 12th spot in the standings.  If Jani was able to have Reimer in the line-up, you could imagine that he would be even higher in the standings, given the way that the Leafs have played this year.

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