Thursday, August 22, 2013

Douglas Murray Signs in Montreal

The Montreal Canadiens did their part to add some size to their blueline, signing veteran defenseman Douglas Murray to a new 1-year, $1.5 million deal on Thursday.

The 6'3", 245-pound defender split time between the Sharks and the Penguins in the 2013 season, providing ample size and physical play to the blueline that he is on, but he isn't much of a hockey pool defender individually.

No, the big upside on the Murray signing will be that Carey Price should have a little more protection in front of his net and possibly a little more sound defense in front of him, making his job a little easier.  Those are the sort of things that can translate into an extra win or two, possibly three, and that could be the difference between a playoff spot or a tee time.

The Habs are not chalk-full of pool-worthy defensemen, but they will certainly have a great competition for the six starting spots on any given night.

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