Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 12)

Welcome to the new season!  Week One, night one... the time when everyone is still involved in the goalie survivor pool and everyone could still get their money back from this mini-game.

So without waiting anymore, let's see who is getting off to an early start in the mini-game, shall we?

The opening game of the NHL season will go in Ottawa tonight, as the Maple Leafs will visit the Senators and there are no surprises here, as it will be Frederik Andersen taking on Craig Anderson tonight.  Brian and Wilton will go head-to-head for the first win of the season.  Getting those first couple points will certainly set the tone for their season.

Game number two in Chicago will be very much the same, in terms of no surprises.  Jake Allen versus Corey Crawford, the 10th overall pick from Mike versus the 4th overall pick from Marcin.  This Central Division clash already makes for a high profile goalie match-up and the loser will have to wish for some help over the weekend to stay in the survivor pool.

Although unconfirmed early on Wednesday morning, it should be fair to assume that it will be Brian Elliott against Cam Talbot in round one of the Battle of Alberta this season.  Elliott was the 18th overall pick for Derek in the draft, while Talbot was Marcie's 1st round pick, taken 24th overall.  It might be too early to tell, but I would imagine that we'll see the same match-up on Friday night as well, when these two go head-to-head in Calgary.

Kristy & Don owed much of their success in the 2016 season to Wes, thanks to the Waiver Draft moves, but it will be a different kind of owing, if Jonathan Quick can get the best of Martin Jones in San Jose tonight.  The duo have the Kings starter, yet again, this season, taking him 5th overall in the pool, while Wes counters with a Stanley Cup finalist from the Spring, taken 11th overall.  This has some potential to be a really good game.

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