Friday, October 28, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 28)

Yesterday was a busy day and there was no time for much blogging, which was why there was no goalie post, but no one new qualified last night, so that's okay in my books... didn't really waste my time writing for all 11 games yesterday.

So, as it stands after Wednesday and Thursday night, only eight teams have qualified for Week Four and eight more are still looking for their first and necessary win this week to move on.  Will Friday night hold the key for any of these teams?  Let's find out...

Already qualified versus eliminated... that's the survivor situation in Carolina tonight, when Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers take on Cam Ward and the Hurricanes tonight.  Lundqvist will go for Grant, while Ward will go for Brian tonight.  This will be the first of two starts for Grant tonight, while Brian could use a big game from his Carolina keeper, to help give him a boost in the standings.

In New Jersey, it's another game without implications on the survivor pool, as Marcin will have Corey Crawford going against the non-pool goalie of Keith Kinkaid, as the Blackhawks take on the Devils.  Marcin's team is another one of those teams tied at 53 points going into Friday night's action and a win would go a long ways for his long-term success.  For the Devils, this is the first start for Kinkaid, as Cory Schneider finally gets a rest.

With Craig Anderson away on family business, Andrew Hammond will get the call for the Ottawa Senators tonight, giving Clayton a start to try and continue on to Week Four in the survivor pool.  For a pool team to not take their first goalie in the 10th round, how is he still in the survivor pool?  At the other end, Brian Elliott is expected to get the call again for the Flames, giving Derek B. a start tonight, as his 1st round pick is starting to heat up in Calgary.

This is the last chance for Kristy & Don to qualify for Week Four tonight, as their only healthy goalie, Semyon Varlamov of the Avalanche, will be playing host to Michael Hutchinson and the Winnipeg Jets, as Calvin Pickard is already tabbed to play Saturday night against the Coyotes.  Kristy & Don lasted for the better part of last season, but the injury problems and schedule are working against them this week and it will be a tough match-up to stay in, but worth it if they get it.

In Vancouver tonight, it will be the Oilers and the Canucks, meeting for the first time tonight.  Cam Talbot will be going for the Oilers and for Marcie at the visitors end, while it will be Ryan Miller for the Canucks and Brenda & Seward at the home end.  Both teams have already qualified for Week Four and are looking for more points in the standings tonight.

Finally, we know that John Gibson will be the Anaheim net tonight for their game against the Blue Jackets, giving Dale B. another crack at 2 points in the standings.  Signs are pointing towards Curtis McElhinney finally getting his first start of the season, but we just can't be sure with those darn Blue Jackets.  If McElhinney does get the start, that will make this a moot game in the survivor pool.

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