Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 11)

NHL rosters are due in and must be compliant today, so there will be some news regarding the pool, for sure. Detroit kicks off the news bytes this morning, as they have placed defenseman Niklas Kronwall on the Injured Reserve to start the season, as he hasn't finished healing from his knee injury quite yet.  There was no timetable update for his condition, but he will be eligible to come off at any time, this roster move just allows for a body to stay up in his place, if needed, for now.

This move will take off the projected games from Brian's list this morning, as his team drops to 24 projected games for the coming week.  He'll need the signing of Nikita Kucherov to happen sooner, rather than later, which we're all expecting that it will.

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