Friday, October 14, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Oct 14)

Okay, not everyone has taken to the ice quite yet, but only after a couple of nights, we have ourselves an even race in the PIM Pool department and that's worth getting excited about, right?

After those same two nights, the pool has collected 140 PIM in total, averaging just over 10 minutes a game, which suggests that the rivalry match-ups in the schedule are working to keep everyone entertained.

Five teams are tied with 10 minutes to start the year, while one is at 9 minutes... but four teams are vying for the Lady Byng, still without any punishment to their names.

Tonight, the marquee game will be the rematch from Wednesday night's opener between the Oilers and Flames, where the top active goons are playing, led the way by Edmonton's Milan Lucic, of course.  Lucic had a fighting major in the opening game and I would think he would be a marked man for the second game, likely to the delight of John, who is 3 minutes back of the leaders, heading into tonight.

These posts will probably get a little more entertaining, once everyone has their legs underneath them and the penalty boxes warmed up.

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