Saturday, November 11, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 11)

Well, we're back with the goalie announcements on Saturday and it has been a long time coming this week.  Hiccup after hiccup has made for a long week.

As of Saturday morning, all but one team has now qualified for Week Seven and that's Jeremy's team, which was thought to be a bit of a favourite earlier in this season, especially since his team is among the top three in goalie minutes played.

There are 12 games on the schedule today, including two afternoon tilts.  We'll see what Jeremy's team has to say for itself today.  It looks like he'll have ample opportunity this weekend to get that win, with four possible starts out of his two goalies, but that means back-to-backs, which will likely cut that down to two starts.

Jonathan Bernier (Scott B.) versus Mike Condon (Brian)
I really wanted to get both days worth of posts done for the Global Series games in Sweden, I had the logo all done up for it.  Well, one is better than none, I suppose.  Scott B. and Brian will get the starts in the second half of this series, which was back-to-back games between the Avalanche and Senators.  Both teams have some key Swedish talent and these are good showcase games abroad.  Ottawa took the first game yesterday, in overtime, so Colorado will be looking for a measure of revenge tonight.

James Reimer (Troy) versus Cory Schneider (Jeremy)
Jeremy gets his first look of the weekend in New Jersey, with the Devils hosting the Panthers and we're fairly certain that Schneider will get the nod against the Cats, who are on back-to-back nights of their own, winning last night in Buffalo.  The Panthers are not a team to sleep on and they'll certainly give the Devils a good run tonight.

Anton Forsberg (N/A) versus Scott Darling (Clayton)
The Blackhawks start back-to-back nights with a stop in Carolina tonight and it was decided on Friday, that they would go with their number two in Carolina tonight, Anton Forsberg getting the nod.  This means Clayton gets a start against a non-pool goalie, which has to help his cause, just a little, especially since the Blackhawks haven't exactly been dominating much recently, having lost their last two games and have gone 3-6-1 in their last 10.

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