Saturday, November 25, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Nov 25)

Pittsburgh defenseman Ian Cole appeared to be a late scratch on Friday afternoon, when the Penguins lined up against the Bruins for the Thanksgiving special afternoon game at TD Garden in Boston. I haven't been able to see any indication that this is injury or illness related, so it could have been that he was a healthy scratch or maybe it was just somewhat of a maintenance day, since he has been banged up pretty good all season long. The Penguins host the Lightning today, so it will be interesting to see if he dresses for this one or not. If not, I would expect a better explanation as to why.

Neil's team is dying for the Waiver Draft and his team could be very busy in the end.  His team ranks last in the pool in skater games played, only counting 204 games, to date.  The pool leader, Jeremy, has 274 skater games to his name and is among the pool leaders in points.  No coincidence there.  Hopefully Neil can turn this around next week for some real improvement starting in Week Ten.

David Perron of the Vegas Golden Knights disappeared from Friday afternoon's game against the San Jose Sharks in the 2nd period and didn't reappear at all. Perron reportedly left with an undisclosed injury, but there wasn't any updates to be had after the game. The Golden Knights are in Arizona this evening, so there will likely be some kind of update today and if it is anything more than a day-to-day issue, we'll likely have an update for you on the blog.

Mike's team was starting to gain some momentum, heading into Week Eight, moving all the way up to 13th from 23rd in Week Two, but that momentum hit a bit of a speed bump this week and a 13-point effort, so far, has dropped his side back down to 17th.  Perron has been his best forward at 19 points, so he can't afford to have him out for too long.

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