Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 6)

Before the Anaheim Ducks took to the ice in Las Vegas to take on the Golden Knights, they had sent defenseman Hampus Lindholm back home to deal with an upper-body injury and the team registered him on the Injured Reserve, in order to open up a roster spot for Jaycob Megna.  The Ducks coaching staff were hopeful that the injury is a short-term problem, but his placement on the IR means that he will miss at least a week and it wasn't clear if the placement was retroactive to a certain date, so whether or not he'll be eligible to come off for Monday's game is unclear.

Well, this is an unceremonious start to his season in the hockey pool, much to the chagrin of Clayton, who snuck this pick through before some of the big money teams could get their hands on the offensive defender.  Lindholm's late start to the season shuffled him under the radar, but it doesn't matter now that he's hurt.

The New York Rangers have been running quite hot of late, thanks in large part to the resurgence of their number one goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who had started the last 14 games for the blueshirts, but a bout of the flu kept him from making start #15.  He's currently listed as day-to-day and thought to be probable for the team's next game, Friday night in Washington.

Yes, I suppose this could be considered to be a missed start for Brian, given the schedule and how it has favoured the Rangers in the last few weeks.  Brian's team does still hold the lead through Tuesday night's action, but it has dropped from 10 points to 6 points and he's now being tailed by Wilton, who has had a good start to the week as well.

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