Monday, April 02, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Apr 2)

Well, we're down to the last week of the season, where the Mover & Shaker race might not necessarily mean a whole hell of a lot, so I am going to take this last week to focus on the money spots, mainly 2nd and 3rd, since there is a good challenge from 4th and 5th at the start of this week.

So, let's start Monday off with a review!  So, we open up the week with Benson in 2nd place at 690 points, followed by Dale B.'s team at 686 points and those are our two money teams to start the week.  Clayton follows in 4th place at 675 points and then Tony is right behind him at 673 points.  11 and 13 points for a gap will need a pretty good week to get the job done.

I don't promise to have a post everyday, but I will certainly try.

Connor Hellebuyck (Neil) versus Craig Anderson (Tony)
Tony's start for the day was confirmed nice and early, as Craig Anderson has been tapped for the start tonight, when the Senators play host to the Jets.  Anderson may be the only goalie that Tony has this week, after last night's injury news, so he will be leaning heavily on Anderson and the test is going to be tough with Winnipeg in town.  Not only is it tough for just the win, the Jets are a scoring machine, so 4 points might be out of the question off the hop.

Scott Darling (Clayton) versus Roberto Luongo (Stuart)
It was kind of a surprise move, the Carolina Hurricanes are going to go with Scott Darling tonight against the Panthers, surprising more, because this isn't back-to-back games that they are playing.  It could be that the team wants to finally give a string of starts to the guy that has a contract beyond this year.  Either way, Clayton isn't too sad by how the Hurricanes got to this decision, so he gets a start tonight, which is good news for him.

Braden Holtby (Grant) versus Jake Allen (Cam)
The St. Louis Blues are not going to do Benson's team any favours tonight, going with Jake Allen, instead of Carter Hutton.  The Blues are continuing to gear Allen up for the playoffs and it seems to be working in their favour of late, as they have gone 7-2-1 in their last 10, but it still hasn't been quite enough to put them in a playoff spot, as of today.  A win tonight and a Colorado loss in Los Angeles could see the tables turn though.

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