Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Skille for Frolik

2011 Season2011Remaining
To Florida
PositionAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Jack SkilleForward234971017$600,0000RFA
Hugh JessimanForward260000$500,0000UFA
David PacanForward190000Unsigned
To Chicago
PositionAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Michal FrolikForward235282129$850,0000RFA
Alexander SalakGoalie240000$1.3 million0RFA

Another deal has dropped on Wednesday night, as the Panthers and Blackhawks swapped some players, including some roster players, possibly looking for a bit of a spark in each other's line-ups.

The Panthers acquire Jack Skille, who has been toiling in the Blackhawks system for a number of years now and has finally found some regular playing time in the Blackhawks line-up, but maybe not the minutes that former GM Dale Tallon thinks he deserves.

The Blackhawks managed to snag a couple of players that have been in the Florida system for a while, including Michal Frolik, who has been a regular in the Panthers line-up this season, but hasn't quite been as dynamic as they would have hoped.  Frolik may find some new life with some new linemates and a new outlook.  The Blackhawks also acquired Alexander Salak, who is currently playing over in Europe, a goaltender who has fallen down the depth charts in the Florida organization.

Between Skille and Frolik, it's a bit of a wash in terms of the cap hit, since they will be the only ones counting this season.  Not a lot going on in this deal here.

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