Saturday, February 26, 2011

Van Riemsdyk, a Temporary Cap Victim

The Philadelphia Flyers claimed Nick Boynton off of waivers on Saturday morning, but that moves come at a bit of a price, as their cap situation, despite Boynton being a cap minimum player, means that one player with a significant hit will take a quick trip down to the minors to clear up some space. The easiest guy to move is one of the youngest in James Van Riemsdyk, who is still exempt from having to pass through waivers to move down to the minors and is a reasonably sized cap hit to boot.  Expect him to be back up with the club before too long.

ImplicationsYes, this move is clearly a cap move, which means that there isn't much more to report on, but it does mean Van Riemsdyk will miss at least one game, which may or may not disappoint Jani K. in the draft.  Jani is 16th overall in the standings and tied for 15th in the segment, he's probably already started thinking about the playoffs.

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