Saturday, February 11, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 11)

On Thursday night in Columbus, Dallas Stars defensmenan Sheldon Souray took a puck off one of his feet, but was able to finish the game without incident. Obviously, Souray's foot provided way too much discomfort to after the game and it was checked out to only be a bruise, which is fortunate for him, but it still cost him Friday night's game in Buffalo. Souray is considered to be day-to-day for the time being and his status for Sunday's game is questionable, at best.

This isn't quite the time to be missing skater games for pool teams in the money races, as Dale C. currently sits on the outside looking in from 6th place, 4 points back of 5th and only 3 points up on 8th, so missing a game will not do.  However, it was only a defenseman game, which may play as little consolation, but if Dale wants to be in the money in eight weeks time, his team better get going.

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