Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Draft Player News (Feb. 7)

The Edmonton Oilers are again holding their collective breaths, as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins again left a game with a suspected shoulder injury, leaving Monday night's game against the Maple Leafs.  There was no immediate word on the injury in the 3rd period of the match and early on Tuesday, word had yet to drop on the extent of the injury, but the Oilers will be very cautious with one of their top prospects, especially since they are well out of the playoff race at the moment.

Wayne H. is holding on to 5th spot in the pool and has a 9-point cushion on 6th and 7th place, going into Tuesday night's action.  Any significant loss of Nugent-Hopkins could be very hurtful to that cushion, so there will be a close eye paid to his situation, I'm sure.

Word on Tuesday morning out of Philadelphia Flyers camp is that forward Daniel Briere will be good to go, as the team takes on the New York Islanders. Briere has been out of the line-up since January 21st with a concussion and according to the Flyers Twitter site, Briere has been given the green light, which should be a huge boost to a team that hasn't been terribly consistent of late.

It was a good thing that Brenda F. held onto Briere during last week's waiver draft, because if he comes back with the same kind of scoring rate right away, it could have been a significant loss.  At the time of the injury, Brenda was in 9th place, 26 points out of the money and upon his return, her team sits in 10th place, 32 points out.  Brenda isn't out of it, by any means, but her team will have to make some immediate gains in the next three weeks or else we'll start counting her out of money contention.

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