Friday, April 10, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft & Playoffs (Apr 10)

With the President's Trophy locked up and the Rocket Richard Trophy out of reach, the Rangers decided to rest their offensive leader and team-voted MVP, Rick Nash, on Thursday night, as they faced off against the Senators, a far more desperate team.  There is no doubt that Nash will be ready to go for the playoffs and it could be even more so after his rest.

Nash has scored 42 goals and 69 points in 79 games this season with the blueshirts, which has him ranked in the top 30 overall in pool scoring this season, top 20 among all forwards.

It has to grind the gears of Grant K., who sits in 20th place in the standings, but he has one distinction, heading into the last two days of the regular season... his team does lead everyone in goals scored.  His team has 216 markers, thanks to Nash and company, but they are only 4 goals ahead of Stacey M.'s team.  Also, with all these scratches and injuries to his team, his team has struggled to score any goals to keep their 3-goal week streak.

A lower-body injury has fallen Jets forward Mathieu Perreault, who has seen some pretty dark days, especially in the last segment of the season.  Perreault left last night's game against the Avalanche in the 2nd period, not to return, but as of Friday morning, there was still no word on his status going forward.  If the way he went off the ice was any indication, his status for Saturday is very doubtful and going into the playoffs will be very shady.

In 62 games this season, Perreault had 18 goals and 41 points, but being a Week Eighteen Waiver Draft pickup for Wyllie, he had only played in 10 games and picked up 6 assists.  Wyllie didn't make up any ground, rather the opposite on Thursday night, as his gap is back down to 9 points, which will be tough to make up, even on the last day of the season.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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