Friday, March 30, 2018

2018 Playoff Pool Sheet is Ready!

I did have a playoff pool sheet done for last year's playoffs, but I just wasn't feeling the work that had to go into it, so the hiatus was, in fact, on for last year and it was a much needed break, I'd say.  But how good would that year have been in the pool, since very few people had the Pittsburgh Penguins to go back-to-back?

Now, I'm coming back with a vengeance and this playoff pool sheet is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.  A few people have been asking for it, I know a few people have been quietly waiting to see if it will happen again and indeed, it will.

With no further waiting, click this link to see this year's playoff pool entry sheet!

We already know that Nashville, Boston, Vegas, Washington, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg and Toronto have all punched their tickets to the dance, while Calgary, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Edmonton, Detroit, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Arizona and Buffalo have all been mathematically eliminated.  Those eliminated teams have been stricken from the sheet already, leaving three teams that still could yet be eliminated and they'll be the land mines for you to avoid.

The regular season officially ends on April 8th with one game between Florida and Boston, a game that may still have some bearing on who is in and who is out.  Who knows? 

The deadline for submission is the opening puck drop on April 11th, which will likely be 5pm MT.  It's $10 to enter again, because it's a quick sprint to the finish line and there's no sense in paying too much.  The same rules apply, you can only take a maximum of three players (including goalies) from any one NHL team and the scoring is pretty basic and included on the sheet. 

Most points in the pool wins, tie-breakers goes goals, wins and then the bonus points... game-winning goals!

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