Sunday, March 04, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Mar 4)

Yeah, there were a few games yesterday that my educated guesses failed at, but that's why I throw the disclaimer in there. Some days, the NHL is just unpredictable... unless you're getting quotes from coaches and management, which I'm clearly not.

Only one more day left in the race for the Week-Twenty Two Mover & Shaker race and we have seven games on the schedule, which may or may not be a good hot bed for points for these teams.  First, though... let's review the teams.

Tony and Eric leapt up to the top of the standings, both teams sitting at 33 points this week and Eric's team is holding on to 11 projected games left, while Tony's team only has six.  I wonder if there are any starts in there.

Stuart and Cam's teams have 32 points heading into Sunday's action and their projected game totals are much more in line with Tony's.  Kristy & Don and Brian's teams are at 31 points, the duo up at Eric levels of action today.  Dale B. holds down the last of the possible Mover & Shaker teams at 30 points and he's not short on possible action as well.  Let's start going down the list.

J-F Berube (N/A) versus John Gibson (Tony)
In the matinee game in Anaheim this afternoon, Tony gets his only start from the Ducks, in theory, as John Gibson is expected to take to the net with the Blackhawks in town.  This would be Tony's only start of the day and it also takes away Cam's only possible start as well, which makes for a pretty good defense of the Mover & Shaker lead as it is.  The Blackhawks are on back-to-backs through California, so they'll go with their current number two today, J-F Berube.

Pekka Rinne (Dale B.) versus Semyon Varlamov (Stacey C.)
The Nashville/Colorado game would be the only possible start for Eric's team today, but he already got a start from Juuse Saros in the last few days, so the Predators will go back to Pekka Rinne, which helps the trailing team of the bunch, Dale B., in a big Central Division game here.  This is no cake walk for the Predators, as Semyon Varlamov and the Avalanche have been playing some great hockey of late.

Alex Lyon (N/A) versus Roberto Luongo (Stuart)
Stuart's team will get one start for sure and that's probably going to be it and it will come in the first game of the day, when the Flyers take on the Panthers in Sunrise. Roberto Luongo has already been tapped for the the start today, accounting for Stuart's start, while the Flyers are on back-to-back afternoons, losing in a barn burner to Tampa on Saturday, so it is expected that Alex Lyon should get the start.

Kristy & Don have no starts, Brian also has no starts and we've already covered Dale B.'s start, so I guess that's it.  That was pretty easy.  Now, we watch and wait!

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