Thursday, March 29, 2018

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 29)

Three days in Grande Prairie will really set a guy behind in the day-to-day hockey pool dealings, won't it? Yes, yes it will.  Let me see how easy it will be to catch-up, I will probably be doing these news posts in pieces, like I did a week or so ago.  I've got to get that information out, it can't wait on a giant single post to be done.  I don't think Tony can wait any longer.

The Calgary Flames were without forward Johnny Gaudreau on Monday night, as he went back home to attend to some family matters. It doesn't sound like Gaudreau has returned to the team yet, so his status for tonight's game, at home to Columbus, is still looking rather doubtful. He's still considered day-to-day, but with the Flames already looking to next year, I wouldn't expect him to be rushed back by the club.

The likelihood that Steve now finishes in 25th place is getting greater and greater, with days running out in the regular season.  His team is 16 points back of Scott's team, after Wednesday night, and has been losing ground this week.

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk missed both Monday night's game against the Senators and Tuesday's game in New Jersey with an undisclosed injury.  He's listed as day-to-day at the moment, but according to some of the roster moves on, it might be the fact that Faulk could be ready to return, but that's just speculation on my part here.

Not much doing for Eric's team this week, only 8 points through the first three nights.  It sits in 17th place, sort of in a bubble between Cam and Mike's teams.

The Colorado Avalanche were without goaltender Jonathan Bernier, both on Monday and Wednesday, missing out on a projected start on Monday, due to a laceration he suffered earlier getting infected.  He's currently listed as day-to-day.  It might also be worth mentioning here, since I'm working with Avalanche goalies, that Semyon Varlamov was also out of the lineup on Wednesday night, due to being under the weather.  That left call-up Andrew Hammond to start for the game against the Flyers.  Varlamov is also considered to be day-to-day at the moment.

Scott missed out on a start on Monday, taken by Stacey C.'s keeper, and then Stacey C. missed out on a start, which you could argue Scott did too, on Wednesday, due to their goalies both being out on Wednesday.

Both Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk missed out on games both on Monday and Tuesday, both dealing with undisclosed injuries.  I'm not sure what the hold up is on the details, since the Islanders are out of the playoff picture in the east now.  Both are considered to be day-to-day and are likely going to be questionable for Friday night's game, at home to the Maple Leafs.

Leddy belongs to Wilton, Boychuk to Brenda & Seward... both teams are top 10 right now, but Wilton's team is on the verge of dropping out, thanks to a poor week, so far.  Wilton's team has only posted 3 points in three nights and Stacey M.'s team has caught up and is poised to pass this week.

It sounds like a lower-body injury is currently hampering Pittsburgh Penguins forward Dominik Simon from remaining in the Penguins' lineup these days.  He's been out since Friday of last week and seemingly slipped through the cracks of the website and the blog site.  Simon missed out on Monday and Tuesday's games and there doesn't appear to be any sign of him rejoining the lineup for tonight's game in New Jersey.  He's considered day-to-day, but for whatever that's worth.

Looks like 7th is the new 4th to race for, as there was a little bit more separation in the standings in the last week or two.  Kristy & Don now hold that spot, as 6th now looks out of reach, barring a huge week and/or collapse, and Grant is chasing them down, only 2 points back.  Simon wasn't a great pick for the duo, only 3 points in 14 games, but a player out is one less chance at points.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are in playoff preparation mode, as they held Steven Stamkos out of the lineup on Monday night, citing some maintenance on a lower-body injury that he has been dealing with.  Not a bad time to do so, as the Lightning have clinched their spot already and can run pretty well, even without their captain in the lineup.  It does sound like he will be back in the lineup tonight, when the Lightning take on the Bruins in a key match-up for the Atlantic Division lead.

Derek B.'s goal of 13th place is where he currently sits right now and if he wants to be better than that at the finish line, he'll need Stamkos in the lineup and contributing.  10th place is not out of reach for his side, but his team has only been average this week and lost a spot to Troy's team.

A couple of goalies returned to their respective benches on Monday night, but neither goalie got a start in that night.  Both Roberto Luongo and Braden Holtby returned to their respective clubs and both goalies were back in the crease on Wednesday night.  Stuart and Grant both have active goalies there again, but Stuart is still running away with it all and Grant is only fighting for 7th place.

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