Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did Someone Order Game 7?

The series has been an epic one, wouldn't you think? The Penguins again made the home crowd proud with their big 2-1 win in Game 6 against the Red Wings to force Game 7 back in Detroit on Friday. This race has been one for the record books, as the two teams have probably made a huge number of hearts stop from game to game.

Unfortunately, with only a 2-1 final score, there wasn't a lot of points to go around, which should have had a lot less movement in the pool. It didn't though, as Brad W. jumped back into 3rd place after the game, thanks to Nicklas Lidstrom's assist on the only Red Wings goal. That was enough to get himself back in a tie with Mike E. and Chris M. for the money spot, but Brad carries the most goals out of the three teams, so he gets the spot.

Trevor B. remains in the lead going into Game 7, carrying one more point than Steve W.. There will be a full preview of Game 7, hopefully on Thursday, outlining what these teams need out of the players that they have for some money at the end of the playoffs.

Just for the sake of consistency, let's have a look at the point-getters in Game 6, like you don't already know. Marc-Andre Fleury led all pool players with the 2 points he earned with the win, but that really does become a wash in the top five teams. I'm sure there are a number of teams below that maybe moved up an extra spot or two with those points. Jordan Staal (goal), Ruslan Fedotenko (assist) and Nicklas Lidstrom (assist), round out the scoring for the pool on Tuesday night, which really isn't much at all. I have this feeling that Game 7 might just be as tight as Game 6 was, when it's all over and done with.

Game-Winning Goals
PhotobucketWell, the Penguins disappointed the pool tonight, allowing Tyler Kennedy to pick up the winning goal on Tuesday night, no allowing the bonus point to be handed out again. If Kennedy was in the pool, he would have had a 3-point night, thanks to an assist on Staal's opening goal. So, we're now down to one more game to decide the winner of the bonus point title in 2009. Evgeni Malkin and Johan Franzen will hopefully score the winner, either way for the Championship, that way the title won't be shared and we can all go into the summer with little to no more satisfaction from the fact.

I don't know if any of you were waiting for this, but Petr Sykora made his triumphant return to the Penguins line-up for Game 6... registering nothing, but six and a half minutes on the ice on seven shifts. Expect him to be in the line-up for Game 7 on Friday. Seven teams have Sykora in the pool, so this isn't a complete waste of space.

We've got one more night of action in the 2008/'09 season and it's Friday. This means that Saturday, we'll have some finalized stats and a winner in the 2009 Playoff Pool. How very exciting! Stay tuned to the blog for some more news.

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