Monday, June 29, 2009

Waiving to Buy-Out

The Blues did a little bit more to help out their salary cap situation for the free agent frenzy by unconditionally waiving Jay McKee with the intentions of buying him out. The $4 million cap hit will be taken down and spread out over a couple of seasons. McKee will immediately become an unrestricted free agent when the buyout completes on Tuesday.

Peter Schaefer, who played the entire 2009 season in the AHL, which was certainly not worth the $2.1 million salary. With one more season left on his contract, the Bruins did not want to have him sit in the minors with that big salary, so they will buy him out this week and they will let someone else deal with him.

The Panthers will also be buying out Brett McLean this week, making him an unrestricted free agent. McLean, 30, had 19 points in 80 GP in 2009, which was considered not to be worth the $1.7 million cap hit in his final year of his deal. So, you can add these three names to your UFA list for the summer.

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