Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gibson Demoted

With the acquisition of Ilya Bryzgalov in Anaheim in the last couple of weeks, speculation was running rampant on the immediate future of goalie John Gibson, who was close to returning from his lower-body injury.  Most of the speculation suggested that the team would run with Frederik Andersen as the starter and that Bryzgalov would be the competent veteran back-up and off the Ducks would go.  As expected, that was the direction the team would go and Gibson would go find some starts in the AHL, giving him more starts and more experience, instead of sitting as the back-up with the big club.

Before his injury, Gibson had only appeared in four games, picking up a 2-2-0 record with 1 shutout, which worked out to 6 points.  Through Wednesday night's games, Gibson was ranked 475th in pool scoring.

ImplicationsThis may prove to be awfully costly to Ryan, who likely chose the wrong goaltender to drop at the Waiver Draft, having let Anton Khudobin of the Hurricanes go, who is still actively backing up Cam Ward.  Ryan hasn't exactly been in the running for the money for sometime now, but trying to work his way back into a respectable position in the standings will prove to be much harder without two goalies.

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