Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 31)

The St. Louis Blues are now facing their projected goaltending "situation," as Brian Elliott returned from his sprained knee on Tuesday night, getting the start against the Nashville Predators, losing 3-2.  Now the Blues have three healthy goalies: Elliott, Jake Allen and Martin Brodeur and it was the future Hall of Famer who took the seat in the press box for the game against the Preds, taking it in as a healthy scratch.

The Blues were quick to point out that Brodeur will still make another start for the team, but there are a lot of raised eyebrows, waiting to see what the team does in this situation.

With Elliott returning, that adds some projected games to Clayton's totals for the week, but the number of starts will be debated, especially with Mike having Allen and Dale C. having Brodeur.  This doesn't seem like an easy situation to manage, but you had to know that the Blues had some kind of plan going forward.

Would you believe that New Year's Eve is going to make for a busy day/evening in the NHL? Well, it is.  There are 11 games on the docket, starting at 3pm MT and they'll conclude nice and early for all of the New Year's celebrations.

Starts of note for the last day of 2014... Andrei Vasilevskiy is expected to start for the Bolts, as they look to rest Ben Bishop this afternoon against the Sabres.  Al Montoya is also expected to take an early start for the Panthers, leaving Roberto Luongo on the bench for the game against the Rangers.

Other than those two non-pool starters, everyone else should be registering points (or at least, minutes) for the pool.

The only three teams left in the survivor pool have their wins this week, so there is nothing we're waiting to see from that perspective.

Allan, Benson, Dale B., Wilton, Stacey M. and Troy are all scheduled to have both of their goalies going tonight, while eight other teams have one goalie going.  That means nine teams won't have any goalies going, as Scott and Stuart lose out to the non-pool goalies.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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