Saturday, December 20, 2014

Severson Out to a Fractured Ankle

An unlucky set of circumstances has halted a very good rookie season for New Jersey defenseman Damon Severson, as his top flight freshman year has been hindered by a fractured ankle.

It is believed that the injury will cost the 20-year old about 4-to-5 weeks on the shelf, which will have its blow softened a bit, by a somewhat lighter schedule through the holidays, but no one wants to be spending the holidays in a walking boot.

Of course, this is another one of those shot-blocking injuries, where players are making some great sacrifices for their side to win, but they do end up being very costly as well.  Since the injury is in the ankle, instead of the foot, there are some definite structural concerns, more so than if he was suffering from a hairline fracture in his foot.

Severson got off to a really good start to the season, but just before the Waiver Draft, he did start to cool down a bit and after the player swap, he really hadn't shown much in the way of offense.

In 33 games this season, Severson has 4 goals and 8 assists, but Grant K. activated him in Week Ten, where since the draft, he had only picked up 2 assists in five games.

Currently, Severson ranks 47th among pool defensemen in scoring and he's certainly getting his name out there as a player to watch in the near future.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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