Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jackets Lose Jenner Again

It was supposed to be a season where Boone Jenner was going to make a name for himself with the Columbus Blue Jackets, but the 21-year old forward has seen more than his fair share of bad luck and that string of unfortunate events continued with a stress fracture in his back and he'll now be expected to miss 1-to-2 months.

Jenner had already missed some time this season with a broken hand, which gave him a late start to the regular season and now a stress fracture in his back will really limit his time with the big club this season.

There wasn't much word on how the injury or the diagnosis came about, it almost seemed to pop up out of nowhere on Saturday morning.  A very unexpected turn of events.

In 20 games played this season, Jenner has 6 goals and 6 assists and he worked his way up to 263rd in pool scoring, at the time of this injury post.

At the original draft in September, Tony took the Jackets up-and-comer in the 10th round, only to drop him in the Preseason Waiver Draft, when word came down that he had broken his hand.  Tony then came back around to Jenner at the Week Nine Waiver Draft, re-acquiring him to boost his line-up, picking up 3 points in five games in the process.  Unfortunately, that's where the fun will stop in this second segment, but the timing may be right for a third segment return.

Tony goes into Saturday's action in Week Eleven in 3rd place, 25 points back of 2nd, 7 points up on 4th.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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