Saturday, June 27, 2015

Edmonton Lands Talbot

2015 2016
To Edmonton POS Age G/W P Cap
Cam Talbot G 28 21 52 $1.4 mil
2015 7th Round Draft Pick
To New York POS Age G/W P Cap
2015 2nd Round Draft Pick
2015 3rd Round Draft Pick
2015 7th Round Draft Pick

The goalie market remained quite interesting later on into the day on Saturday, as the Edmonton Oilers claim, what could be the big prize of the day, in goalie Cam Talbot, who had a pretty darn good year, filling in for Henrik Lundqvist, during his vascular injury, and putting up some good numbers for the Rangers.

In return, the Oilers sent over some more picks to their fold, the 2nd rounder was flipped to the Capitals later, but they still managed to make a few more picks.

Talbot was thought to be the best goaltending prospect among those available on the market, most of which were traded, by the time this deal was done, but the Edmonton Oilers didn't really do much to shore up their defense for the coming year and still remains a huge question mark, just ahead of the free agent frenzy.

Sure, the Oilers got the best player in the entry draft, the (arguably) best goalie in the trade market, but I don't think it's enough today.  There will be points for us hockey poolies, but that may not appease the Edmonton fans next season.

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