Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stars Want First Crack at Niemi

2015 2016
To Dallas POS Age G/W P Cap
Antti Niemi G 31 31 75 UFA
To San Jose POS Age G/W P Cap
2015 7th Round Draft Pick

Some team thought it was worth a late round pick to have first crack at the best unrestricted free agent to hit the market in a few days.

The Dallas Stars are potentially putting together an all-Finnish crease, as they will enter into some hard & fast negotiations with Antti Niemi, hoping to pair him up with Kari Lehtonen in the 2016 season, which could potentially give the Stars a strong 1-2 punch in net, but in turn, dwindle these two goalies in their hockey pool points, as they will both be craving minutes and it will be hard for any coach to pick one over the other for long stretches.

This deal has some potential in the win column for the team, but can the Stars give the kind of assurances that Niemi wants in a new deal?  That really becomes the big question.  I would be very hesitant to rate any Stars goalie very high in the coming weeks, if the deal gets done.

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