Saturday, June 27, 2015

Palmieri to the Devils

This one may be more of a fringe trade, but later on Friday night, not long after the opening round of the Entry Draft, the Anaheim Ducks off-loaded a little bit of fringe hockey pool talent to the New Jersey Devils, who were in need of a bit more depth.  The Devils acquiring forward Kyle Palmieri for the #41st overall pick, it will be interesting to see where the New York native fits with the Devils.

2015 2016
To New Jersey POS Age G/W P Cap
Kyle Palmieri F 24 14 29 $1.5 mil
To Anaheim POS Age G/W P Cap
2015 2nd Round Draft Pick, #41 Overall

Palmieri ranked 196th among all forwards in scoring last season and currently 154th among those with contracts for next season.  He'll surely fall down that list, but he gets a fringe benefit mention in this deal.

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