Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fringe Signings (Jun 22)

For a guy that had 10 points in 34 games, defenseman Chad Ruhwedel could have used a bit more ice-time and he could have been better than a fringe player on the blog, but his signing is considered fringe for now, as he needs the points in a season to get bumped up.

The 27-year old blueliner signed a 2-year deal on Thursday, reportedly worth $650,000 per season against the cap, meaning that he'll be a very cost effective player on the roster, assuming he can make it to a full-time spot in the 2018 season.  His scoring rate last season, extended over 82 games makes him into a pool worthy player, a later round pick, so he could be a good bargain pick-up, assuming all goes well.

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