Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fringe Signings (Jun 29)

The backup goalie behind Cory Schneider is not generally expected to get a lot of work. Keith Kinkaid has signed on again for another 2-year stretch with the New Jersey Devils to fill that void, so he must be okay with the amount of work he does get.  The cap hit on this deal is $1.25 million per season, so the money is certainly right, if he gets a sniff of the 26 appearances he saw last season.

In those 26 games, he posted 8 wins and 19 points, which was good enough for 53rd among all goalies, just outside of the pool worthy window we set out for these guys.  When it comes to setting up the projections for this coming season, I can't see Kinkaid getting much more than the 15-20 points, as Schneider will still take on the brunt of the work.

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