Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 Stadium Series Review

Well, this was anything but a pretty game to watch, but the action on the ice did somewhat make up for the lack of good, okay or even moderate conditions, due to rainfall during the game.  The players, they persevered and got the job done, the Flyers tying the game up with seconds to go on the clock, forcing an overtime period, where Claude Giroux did the job and netted the winner to get everyone home and out of the rain.  Flyers took this game, 4-3, in what was a pretty high scoring game, everything considered.

Early on, the animosity that you know that resides between both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia really reared its ugly head and made this game interesting, Wayne Simmonds knocking Brian Dumoulin from the game with a high, heavy hit, really set the tone for the first couple of periods and then the drive for those crucial points in the standings took over.

All in all, it could have been a better spectacle, the conditions could have been much, much better, which probably would have amped up the intensity on the ice and could have really taken this game to another level.  Sadly, it wasn't the case.

A 4-3 overtime win made the outdoor games pool somewhat interesting, even if it doesn't pay out.  There were plenty of points to be had, but who did the best?

Jesse went into this contest with a small lead, up at 3 points, but didn't have any participation in this game.  Troy's immense amount of participation was inevitably the difference, as he had all the right players in all the right places, including the fortune of Brian Elliott getting the start and the win for the Flyers, not to mention having both Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier, each posting a couple of points and rounding it off with a Justin Schultz goal and he takes the outdoor games competition with 7 points, thanks to this one game.

Oh, the season it could have been for Troy, if the wheel spun his way at the draft, as his team has now captured both the goalie survivor and the outdoor games, both were money games last year, but it didn't end up going his way.  That would be money back and more for him.

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