Monday, February 11, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Feb 11)

It's a brand new week, but with 1st place quickly fading away to a lost year to many, what possible hope is left for many of us, who are just now waiting for the playoffs to get here, so we all have a full chance at the money again?

Well, it's still some pretty good hockey out there and we still have two months left to go in this season, so we might as well enjoy it, especially since it's so frickin' cold outside, there's no reason to really go anywhere.

Three games on tap for this Monday night, but it doesn't feature a goalie from a team in the top 10, so it's a lot of bottom of the table action tonight, especially in the crease.

Matt Murray (Scott) versus Carter Hart (Jeremy)
Last week's Basement Dweller, Scott, will get a start early on this week to help aid his way back into the conversation of reputable teams.  His team leads the pool with a whopping 53 projected games this week, so his team will be busy.  It starts the week 25 points behind Derek B. for 24th and Derek's plan was to tank, so he better pass him, right?  Jeremy's team starts in 14th this week, 11 points out of the top 10 and that would be a pretty good finish, if his team could get there.

Jonathan Quick (Brenda & Seward) versus Pheonix Copley (Brian)
The pool's second duo gets the first of two starts tonight in Washington, where the Los Angeles Kings have landed to take on the Capitals.  The duo picked up Jonathan Quick this past Waiver Draft, which has already been good for 4 points last week and now they're looking for a little bit more.  At the other end, the Capitals are going to give their new prized backup, Pheonix Copley, another run, giving tonight's top team, Brian's 11th place side, another start.  Copley was also taken in the last Waiver Draft, good for 2 points last week.

Martin Jones (Brenda & Seward) versus Jacob Markstrom (Chelsea)
The duo's second start goes in Vancouver, where they have another visiting keeper tonight, in Martin Jones and the San Jose Sharks in to play the Canucks.  Jones has a stellar record against the Canucks, so it sounds like a cake walk for 2 points, but Jacob Markstrom has been playing well for Chelsea's team this season, one of the few bright spots for her 22nd place team in the overall standings.

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