Monday, February 25, 2019

Kinkaid to the Jackets

2019 Season July 1, 2019
To Columbus Pos GP Wins Points Cap Years Cap
Keith Kinkaid G 41 15 36 $1.25m 0 UFA
To New Jersey Pos GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
2022 5th Round Draft Pick

The first actual pool-relevant deal on trade deadline day itself saw the Blue Jackets add another piece to their puzzle, acquiring goaltender Keith Kinkaid from the Devils for a pick, three drafts from this year, which doesn't seem very expensive at all.

The Jackets goaltending situation was obviously one to be concerned about and you can understand that a team, like the Jackets, who are going all-in this season, would want to make sure that their playoff aspirations don't hinge on one goalie and they have some support in there.  At the price of a pick in 2022, that isn't too bad.

This would be considered a loss for Neil's pool team, which doesn't need any more hits to it, as he chases down Ryan's pool team, which is now 20 points ahead at this time in the season.  Kinkaid was certainly more likely to see more work in Jersey, than he would now in Columbus, as Sergei Bobrovsky will get the bulk of the work, until otherwise advised.  If something were to happen, well, then this conversation gets to be a whole lot different.

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