Sunday, February 24, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Feb 24)

More really early starts on this Sunday, the last day of Week Twenty-One and there are still some races left to run before the clock ticks over and we all turn our full focus on the trade deadline tomorrow.

Stacey M. has a 3-point lead in the Mover & Shaker race, as her team really tries to chip away at Stuart's overall lead, but her team currently stands at 37 points this week, which she has support for, but will it be enough?

At the bottom, Mike's team holds down the Basement Dweller nod at 12 points, but with his limited amount of projected action, he could see his team move out, since there are teams only 3 or 4 points clear and easy to jump over, with the right kind of performances on his side.

Let's get to the schedule!

Henrik Lundqvist (Scott) versus Pheonix Copley (Brian)
Play on Sunday kicks off nice and early with the Rangers and Capitals going head-to-head and both teams played yesterday and the goalies that didn't play yesterday indeed go today, Scott gets a Lundqvist start, while Brian gets a Copley start.  Scott's team is only 2 points clear of the basement and really could use a win, while Brian's team is in the middle of the pack and could use the win in the overall sense.

Anton Khudobin (Grant) versus Collin Delia (Derek B.)
Well, the Stars went with Bishop yesterday, which was somewhat of a surprise and they didn't get any offense, which led to a loss, but on back-to-back days, one could safely assume that Anton Khudobin would get the nod, but that wasn't confirmed at the time of this post.  The Blackhawks also haven't confirmed their goalie, but if there was going to be one that puts points in the standings, it would be Collin Delia, but that's no guarantee.

Aaron Dell (Troy) versus Jonathan Bernier (Brenda & Seward)
Still a bit of guessing to be done here in Detroit, when the Sharks take on the Red Wings.  The Sharks are a safer bet with Dell going on back-to-back afternoons, while the Red Wings may go back to Bernier today, since Howard may have still been feeling the effects of an illness at the end of the week.  That's just a hunch I've seen out there on the interwebs, certainly not confirmed.

Jake Allen (Steve) versus Devan Dubnyk (Wes)
The Wild confirmed this morning that they will be going with the exact same lineup from Friday night's contest against the Red Wings, one that won, 3-2, so that means Devan Dubnyk gets the nod once again for the Wild, good news for Wes.  Wes' team has been just okay in this week, 21 points and not losing as much ground as he has in the last couple of weeks, so that's a plus.  The Blues are on back-to-backs today and I'm sure Steve would love to see a start from this hot Blues team.

Mike Smith (Brian) versus Craig Anderson (Mike)
Tonight's Hometown Hockey game is between the Flames and the not quite fully reformed Senators, which probably won't be the contest that Sportsnet would have expected or wanted, when they put this one on the schedule.  The Senators have confirmed that they will give Mike a hand with his predicament this week with a Craig Anderson start, but he's going to be up against a daunting offense from the Flames, who have yet to confirm their goalie at the time of this post.  A start is a start though and that's all that Mike can ask for.

Laurent Brossoit (Benson) versus Darcy Kuemper (Neil)
Finally, it's the Jets v2.0 against the Jets v1.0 tonight in Arizona, when the Coyotes retire Shane Doan's #19 before the game, fitting since he was one of the last original Jets to play.  Both goalies have been confirmed for this game, both are Week Eighteen pickups for Benson and Neil, as Laurent Brossoit and Darcy Kuemper get the nod.  Benson's team is only 3 points clear of the basement and could use the points to stave off the bottom spot, while Neil's team has been doing well this week and looks to build on their 26 points.

Neither team are expected to use these logos tonight, but how cool would it be if they did?

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