Monday, February 25, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Feb 25)

Well, the trade deadline has come and gone and I've got some blog posts to fill in with the takes and pool teams that are affected by such deals, but I thought I would offer up the goalies first, since they will be playing tonight... that much, I know for sure.

It's a new week, so new expectations of movers and shakers out there, fingers are crossed for some teams, hoping they don't dwell down below, so here we go!

Carter Hutton (Wes) versus Frederik Andersen (Wilton)
Hutton and Andersen, confirmed.  Wes starts the week in 5th, 28 points out of the money, while Wilton starts in 9th, 52 points out of the money.  Obviously one team will have a larger chance at 3rd place than the other, but even for Wes, it's not going to be an easy go at it.

Carey Price (Stacey M.) versus Cory Schneider (N/A)
Stacey M. gets the only pool start in New Jersey tonight, now that New Jersey doesn't have a pool goalie left after the trade deadline.  Stacey's team opens up in 2nd place, 38 points out of 1st, 11 points clear of 3rd and 12 points clear of 4th.  Her team has been keeping the pace and a Montreal win tonight should aid that in a big hurry.

Jack Campbell (N/A) versus Andrei Vasilevskiy (Dale C.)
Only one pool start in Tampa Bay tonight, as Dale C. picks up the nod from the Lightning, who were not very busy on today's deadline, not that they necessarily had to be.  Andrei Vasilevskiy is getting the call for Dale's 11th place team, 3 points out of 8th and more importantly, 53 points out of the money.  The Kings are ripe for the picking, so this could be 2 or more points.

Mikko Koskinen (Tony) versus Pekka Rinne (John P.)
It's a battle of Finnish keepers tonight in Nashville, when the Oilers will take on a Predators team that was busy today in making deals.  I don't think all of those traded players will be available for tonight's game, which might give the Oilers an advantage on a team in flux.  Tony's team starts the week in the 8th position, 7 points back of 7th, 50 points back of 3rd, while John's team starts 15 points behind Tony's in 15th, which is only a good Mover & Shaker week away and there's no better way to start that than with a win here tonight.

Roberto Luongo (John P.) versus Semyon Varlamov (Wilton)
It looks like John and Wilton each get their second start of the night, while most teams in the pool have yet to get one start, so how is that possibly fair, right?  This season, John's goalies have had the overall advantage between the two teams, 79-68 through 21 weeks, but Wilton did improve his goaltending immensely at the Waiver Draft, so that could be much closer, if not flipped, by the end of the year.

Ryan Miller (N/A) versus Jacob Markstrom (Chelsea)
Finally, Chelsea gets a start tonight from the Vancouver Canucks, with Jacob Markstrom heading back to the net again, while the Ducks hadn't confirmed their goalie at the time of the post, but they are another team without an active pool goalie today.  They have one on the roster, which is one better than New Jersey, but he's hurt.  Nevertheless, Chelsea starts the week in 23rd, 44 points clear of last place. 

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