Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Feb 20)

Well, this could be the last goalie post until the weekend drops, as I will be on the road for work, so you'll probably be without all of those critical updates for a couple (or a few) days.  I will probably find some time to get the points in, but the blog will suffer.

There's a pretty good spread for point totals after a couple nights worth of action in the league, as Stuart continues to lead all teams with 18 points and holds a 5-point lead over Stacey M., as these two just seem to have teams that want the money more.

Mike's team currently sits at the bottom after Tuesday night, down with 2 points, but his team isn't very far away from four other teams with 4 points each, so if he had a goalie going, a win would level him with those teams. 

Cam Ward (N/A) versus Jimmy Howard (Tony)
Tony's team is right in the middle of it all, up with 8 points this week and he has the only pool goalie going in Detroit, as Jimmy Howard will get the nod for the Red Wings.  Howard has been getting the minutes in Detroit, which has Tony's goalies in 11th in the pool for minutes played, but the points just haven't been there, tied for 20th with 50 points from the crease.  A win would only break that tie tonight and 20th would be all his.

Connor Hellebuyck (Jeremy) versus Semyon Varlamov (Wilton)
Boy, if the Avalanche hadn't fallen on rough times in recent weeks, this match-up with the Jets would have really been something.  Now, the Jets roll into Denver and are now all but expected to add to those woes.  Good news for Jeremy, as his goalie gets the nod for Winnipeg and his team is among those with 4 points, so Hellebuyck will try and keep the pool team out of the basement.  Wilton's team, on the other hand, sits at 8 points, already fairly clear of the basement, but still desperate to see his goalie turn the Avalanche's season around.

Thomas Greiss (Stuart) versus Mike Smith (Brian)
The Islanders are in Calgary for the first half of back-to-back nights in Alberta, taking on the Flames tonight.  Stuart's team appears to be getting a boost from the visiting Islanders, not that he needs it, but Thomas Greiss appears to be getting the start.  He'll be in tough to get points against a pretty hot Flames team, who are going back to Mike Smith, which is a big boost to Brian's team, which is also running fairly warm this week, already at 12 points.

Jaroslav Halak (Stacey M.) versus Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy)
Finally, the Bruins are in Vegas tonight to take on the Golden Knights and there probably hasn't been enough games between the two sides to have created some animosity yet, but these two teams are putting on quite the push towards the playoffs.  Stacey M. sees a goalie start tonight, trying to keep pace with Stuart this week, with Jaroslav Halak in net for the visitors, while Troy's team, sits at 6 points at the start of play tonight, gets another start from the best goalie in the pool, Marc-Andre Fleury.  That sounds like a pretty good bet.

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