Saturday, February 23, 2019

Oilers' McDavid Suspended

I dare say, the reaction to the Connor McDavid hit on Nick Leddy on Thursday night was surprisingly polarizing, when there are numerous examples of the exact same hit on the Department of Player Safety's portion of the NHL video website.  Nevertheless, as expected, the league's disciplinary committee did come down on the Oilers captain on Friday afternoon, issuing him a 2-game suspension for his hit, the details are in the video down below.

The Oilers still believe that they have an outside shot at the playoffs this season, but they do have six teams, at least, to overcome in the standings to get there and things are going to be difficult in their next two games, Saturday night against the Ducks and Monday night in Nashville.  With the trade deadline looming, there are likely plenty of thoughts about how to proceed for this team and the next 48 hours will be key.

In the pool, this is a small, yet tough break for Tony's team, which sees the 1st overall selection in this year's pool draft sit for a couple of games, especially when Tony's team is 8 points out of 6th and 44 points out of 3rd place.  Taking your team's best player out of the equation, even for a couple of games, probably means he misses out on a couple of points, possibly more, given his explosiveness.

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