Monday, February 25, 2008

Forsberg Re-Joins Avalanche

Well, here's the lowdown in Denver. Peter Forsberg (Wes) has decided to return to the NHL and it will be with the Avalanche. The Avs announced today that Forsberg has elected to join the team during their run to the playoffs, which potentially could shift the dynamic of the team, especially now that the team is becoming healthy again.

The Avalanche currently sit 10th in the Western Conference, 4 points behind Nashville (who is in 8th) with a game in hand. They are certainly not out of the woods yet and if the contract is pro-rated at around $5 million, they could be making an expensive gamble not to make the playoffs. Let's not forget, Forsberg has not been the best bet for teams looking to improve with Forsberg in the line-up. The Flyers were not much better, nor were the Predators for the bundle they paid for him last season.

In this signing, it deserves it's own poll as well. Will the Avalanche make the playoffs now that they have Forsberg?

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