Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Canadiens Lost Young Carle

Scary news in the pre-season, as Canadiens defender, Mathieu Carle, was hit awfully hard in the Habs game against Detroit.  Carle was hit by Wings forward, Tomas Kopecky, five minutes into the game, lost consciousness and regained it before he left the ice on a stretcher.

Carle, who turns 21 next week, is still deep on the Habs blueline depth chart, but could have used a good training camp before heading back to the minors for another season.  He certainly isn't a fantasy-type player this season, but hopefully his injuries won't keep him from being one at all.

The early reviews of the open-ice hit may require some extra looks by the NHL office, to see if the elbow did come up high to catch Carle.  If not, Carle was guilty of not keeping his head up through the neutral zone, admiring his pass.

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