Friday, September 12, 2008

Injury Concerns Into Camp

An interesting post on Rotoworld, care of the New York Newsday, says that Islanders forward, Mike Sillinger, may not be ready for camp or the first game of the season. He is ailing from a hip injury that he suffered last season, which caused him to miss the last 29 games of the season.

Thanks to the injury, Sillinger's stock dropped significantly from the Top 100 player he was, only the year previous.  He has been known as one of the league's more consistent scorers, even with his rugged style of play.  This may have come to an end, as the 37-year old is still experiencing pain in his hip and it will likely keep him off the ice for some more time.

It may be in your best interest to remove Sillinger from your drafting list this season.  If he can make a comeback this year, don't be too quick to jump on his bandwagon, he may be hindered by a less-than-100% hip.

In Nashville, the Predators are not hopeful at all that Steve Sullivan will be returning to their line-up anytime soon, according to reports on Sportsnet.  Sullivan is still trying to recover from a back injury that has now kept him out of the Predators' line-up since February 2007. 

Sullivan isn't going to be the sleeper surprise of 2009, if that's what you're hoping for here.  A major back injury with this much rehab will likely finish his career and even if he does return, he'll be out of a season's plus worth of experience and timing, so his effectiveness will keep him from being a pool favourite.

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