Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Selection Sheet is Live for 2008/2009!

I couldn't wait for the moves to be made, I'm getting prodded for it all to go live, so now it is!  You can click here to join the Opiated Sherpa's Selection Sheet Hockey Pool for 2008/2009.  It's true.  Despite the rumours of impending deals and impending moves, we are going to go live with where the players are at the moment.  If you take Mathieu Schneider today and believe he's in Anaheim, well when he is moved, he'll still be on your team, but on another NHL team.  It's okay, I've worked it all out.

The fee for joining this somewhat-but-not-really-prestigious pool is only $25, which isn't too bad.  Last season was a buidling one for the Sherpa and we had 39 teams... first prize was $500!  Hopefully by the deadline of October 8th... we'll have more than that!  Otherwise, good luck... and if you have any pool questions, be it the Selection Sheet, the upcoming Draft or just a general pool tip question, feel free to e-mail me!

If you've decided to go forward with the draft, be sure to hit for all the standings and there is also an injury page link, which hasn't been posted, but you could use right here.

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