Friday, September 12, 2008

Habs Acquire Lang From Chicago

Another trade! This time, it does have an effect on the Sundin saga. The Canadiens acquired a centre today by moving for Robert Lang from Chicago for a second round pick in 2010.

Lang, 37, won't be the exact player that the Habs wanted in Sundin, but he does bring some offense to the table. Lang scored 21 goals and added 33 assists in 76 games for the Blackhawks. He does come at a price tag though, $4 million, in his final season of his current deal.

For Chicago, they were able to drop that $4 million in salary for a draft pick, which was just about what the team needed to do for a reasonable price. A second round pick isn't anything to sneeze at.

2007-2008 Stats2009Point Projections
To MontrealAgeGPPointsCap HitTHNHTMScore
Robert Lang, F377654$4 million445436
To ChicagoAgeGPPointsCap HitTHNHTMScore
2010 Second Round Pick      

The hockey pool forecasting publications aren't big fans of Robert Lang, lowering his projections some, but they didn't count on him being dealt to Montreal.

With Lang in the fold, the Habs have another centre that should compliment their game greatly. Sundin shouldn't even be a consideration for the Habs, who have now filled in a good portion of their available salary room that would have been used on him.

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