Saturday, October 11, 2008

DiPietro In Rough Shape

The Islanders might be without their star goaltender for an extended period of time. Rick DiPietro missed the Islanders first game of the season on Friday night, with what is being called swelling in his surgically repaired knee. If there is significant damnage in his knee, the Islanders could be without DiPietro for some time. The success of the team does hang on the shoulders of their keeper, for the most part.

In the Draft, Benson holds onto the Islanders starting goaltender as part of his tandem. The Islanders will go again today against St. Louis and it doesn't look like DiPietro will get his first start just yet. He'll get some more rest and recovery for his knee and the Islanders might be better for it. If you have DiPietro on your team, hopefully you can rest him.

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