Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Schenn Signs in Toronto

There's a lack of surprise when it comes to this announcement. Luke Schenn has signed his entry-level deal on Tuesday morning, as he'll start the new season on the roster for the Leafs, thanks to some nagging injuries on the blueline. Of course, the length of his stay will depend solely on how well he performs and what the injury situation is going to be like for the Leafs during the year.

As it stands, the Leafs are currently without Jeff Finger on the blueline, thanks to a foot injury. He's considered day-to-day, but is expected to miss the first week. That opens the door up for Schenn, who is behind in the depth chart to start the season, but there are still some cuts to be made. Schenn will likely get his 9-game tryout with the team before getting sent back to junior, but he may just have the jam to compete.

Should you draft him for your pool team? The safe money says no. The likelihood of him going back down to juniors is quite high. Your better bet is with Zach Bogosian in Atlanta, if you want young defensemen.

Stay tuned for the final Leafs cuts... a team update with updated roster will be posted as soon as the cuts are made.

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