Monday, October 06, 2008

Waiver Wire Isn't Thin

The Maple Leafs have decided against trying to keep forward Mark Bell around, as he's been dropped onto the waiver wire. Bell has seen a number of troubles over the past couple seasons and hasn't brought his game back to where the team wanted it to be. Bell would likely be sent down to the minors if he clears, but there is also a chance that he's bought out as well.

The Flames went back onto the waiver wire on Monday, placing Jamie Lundmark on waivers and defensemen Rhett Warrener and Anders Eriksson on again. Lundmark was signed to the Flames this summer and will likely see the minor system if he clears, while Warrener and Eriksson are trying to be moved to clear up some cap space for the year. The Flames currently sit over the cap ceiling and need to clear room to fill up the roster. Trade offers likely haven't been pouring in for these two and re-entry waiver claims could be on the horizon, to cut costs in half.

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