Friday, April 13, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Apr 13)

It's Day 3 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and despite the best efforts of most of the media outlets out there, it's far too early for anyone to panic.  If you have some stock in a team that lost Game 1 of their respective series, it was only one game, no matter how dominant that loss was.  Relax and let Game 2 give you a little more perspective on things.

It's the same three series from Wednesday night that will go again on Friday night, so strap yourselves in and prepare for some more good hockey.

Brian Elliott versus Matt Murray
Okay, not very many people invested in the Philadelphia Flyers in this hockey pool, but I'm sure in other pools, there was some investment, mostly out of necessity, more than anything else.  The Flyers are going back to Brian Elliott for Game 2, keeping pool goalie Petr Mrazek on the bench for another game.  Matt Murray, one of three goalies to register a shutout in their respective Game 1, will obviously get the nod again for Game 2.

The Flyers should be hungry for revenge tonight, which should hopefully make this game a little closer, if not just a little more interesting.

Devan Dubnyk versus Connor Hellebuyck
Game 1 of the series between the Wild and the Jets was excellent and neither team really has to adjust too much, as they both worked exceptionally hard and one bounce went the Jets' way and they took Game 1.  No changes are expected in the crease from either side, as it should be.  Both Devan Dubnyk and Connor Hellebuyck stood tall in Game 1, but no one opted to take on Dubnyk in the pool, so I think most people are hoping for a quick finish to this series.

Jonathan Quick versus Marc-Andre Fleury
A 1-0 shutout in Game 1 would warrant both starting goalies from that game to return for Game 2, one would have to believe.  The tight-checking and well-defended opener in Vegas should see both Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury return to the nets, much to the delight of the 2-2 split in selections in the hockey pool.  Quick might be hard-pressed to bring back a lot of that same magic, since one of his key defenders will miss the game through suspension.

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