Friday, April 27, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Apr 27)

I really wanted to do a goalie post yesterday to open up the second round of these playoffs, but a busy day at the office saw to it that it didn't happen.  They'll get their preview eventually, I suppose.

Night two of the second round of the playoffs only has one game in it and it is my most anticipated series of the bunch, the Winnipeg Jets and the Nashville Predators.  Oh baby, this could be a series for the ages!

Connor Hellebuyck versus Pekka Rinne
No changes expected on either side, as both the Jets and the Predators couldn't be more pleased with their goaltending to this point.  Connor Hellebuyck was steady against the Wild in the opening round, while Pekka Rinne had to overcome some adversity against the Avalanche, but did with the help of a very solid team in front of him.

These are the two most popular goalies in the Western Conference among the 23 teams in the playoff pool this year.  Rinne was taken 10 times to Hellebuyck's 8 times, but the Jets have a slight edge in the total number of selections, 67-65.  Either way, a lot of picks are going to disappear from the hockey pool, once one of these teams are eliminated.

Did you pick the right side?

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