Friday, April 27, 2018

Sharks' Kane Banned for One

On top of their embarrassing loss to the Golden Knights on Thursday night, the San Jose Sharks have now also lost one of their most offensively dynamic players, Evander Kane, for one game, due to a suspension handed out on Friday evening by the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Kane was chucked from the game in the 3rd period for a cross-check to Golden Knights forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare after the play had been blown down, striking him in the head.  I'm not sure you'll need to watch the video, but it does give a pretty good assessment of the play.

In these playoffs, Kane has 3 goals, including a winner, plus an assist, but like the rest of his teammates, was shutout on Thursday night.  If the Sharks are going to make a series out of this match-up against the Golden Knights, they'll first need to find a way to win without Kane and then build on any sort of momentum with him back in the lineup at home.

In the pool, Kane was taken only once, Eric's 9th place team holds the only pick.

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